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Clinical Trials - Jul 8, 2020

From Tragedy Came Progress

Takes 6 minutes to read this topic | In the early 20th century, the scientific community advocated for the...
Clinical Trials - Apr 21, 2020

The History of Clinical Trials: A Drive for Better and Safe Medicines

Takes about 10 minutes to read this topic | Clinical trials are crucial in advancing human health and the...
Bacteriophages - Dec 18, 2019

Novel Approach: Using Viruses to Attack Bacteria

Takes about 8 minutes to read this topic | Alexander Fleming’s discovery of penicillin in the late 1920s...
RWD - Dec 18, 2019

The Increasing Value to Standardizing Data

Takes about 5 minutes to read this topic |   At XClinical, we see the digital revolution’s potential to...
Electronic Data Capture - Jun 10, 2019

Discover the Business Value in Selecting One Single Electronic Data Capture Solution for All Your Clinical Trials

Image Credit: alphaspirit / In a recent XClinical LinkedIn post, we mentioned a...
CDISC - Jun 3, 2019

A Personal Summary of the CDISC European Interchange Conference in Amsterdam

The CDISC European Interchange Conference, May 8th and 9th, 2019 in Amsterdam focused on the advancement...
SCOPE 2019 - Apr 3, 2019

SCOPE 2019 Session Highlights: Enabling Patient-Centric Clinical Trials Through the Use of Clinical Technology

Image Credit: Gennady Danilkin/ SCOPE (Summit for Clinical Ops Executives) 2019, which...
CDISC Standards - Mar 27, 2019

What is CDISC and Why Does It Matter?

Image Credit: whiteMocca/ CDISC and Its Mission CDISC, the Clinical Data Interchange...

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