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Clinical Trials - Sep 9, 2020

Why it’s best to do eCRF design for clinical trials

Takes 10 minutes to read this topic | ©Partner Advertorial by Formedix What’s the background on eCRFs?
Clinical Trials - Aug 26, 2020

Adaptive Trial Design

Takes about 4 minutes to read this topic | The move toward adaptive design
Electronic Data Capture - Jun 10, 2019

Discover the Business Value in Selecting One Single Electronic Data Capture Solution for All Your Clinical Trials

Image Credit: alphaspirit / In a recent XClinical LinkedIn post, we mentioned a...
Electronic Data Capture - May 27, 2019

A Brief Look at Electronic Data Capture (EDC) in Clinical Trials: Past, Present, and Future

Image Credit: everything possible / What is EDC? Electronic data capture (EDC) is a way...

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